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How Mabel Works


the Farm Truck

“Remember the ice cream truck in your neighborhood growing up?

Are You Hungry?

Come, Visit our Farm Truck right in your Hood.

Mabel resides at Black Cat Organic Farm.
She will bring just-picked produce right to your doorstep. Expect delicious organic greens, root vegetables, whole wheat flour, eggs, frozen prepared foods and staples. (Sorry, no push-up pops. Mabel grew up and prefers arugula now.)

“Mabel does not like to get too far from her pastures.  But her farmers can pack up your needs for pickup at our store.”
Right now Mabel is only going to neighborhoods in Boulder.

Mabel will be coming to neighborhoods again soon in September 2020 ...

How does it work?

1. Listen for her bells in the afternoon.
2. Stand on your doorstep and wave.
3. Read the menu on the side of the truck.
4. Place your order with the farmer.
5. Pay with credit card, check or cash.
6. Spread the word to your neighbors!

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Where's Mabel?

We got some fancy live tracking on Mabel.
Visit and sign in with the following credentials:

User ID: Mabel
Username: Mabel
Password: Mabelthefarmtruck!

Click “live tracking” and then “track”(no need to pick group, vehicle, or driver) to pull up Mabel’s current location.

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